Misty Mountain Engagement Session

We grew up in the Mat-Su valley, so we have an extra soft spot for Hatcher Pass and love it when we get to photograph in our most sentimental, fav part of Alaska. It’s such a beautiful place with easy access to amazing views.

One thing we have always loved (and also drives us crazy) is how moody the weather can be up in the mountains. Weather systems roll in-and-out without a lot of warning. Sometimes the views can be lost. Sometimes it’s wet or uncomfortable. But it never really looks exactly the same, it knows how to keep our interest, how to captivate.

The mountains rolled out a carpet of fog for Matthew and Renaye’s session. We lost some of the visibility for sure but gained the magic of mist. Had it been clear and crisp it would have been a whole different look and vibe. Not bad. Not good. Just different. Part of the fun is seeing what cards your session deals and playing the heck out of them.

We LOVED the deep wine dress. That color is the top of our list for mountain sessions. It pairs beautifully against all the shale and earth tones.

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