It won’t be hard to tell from the photos that the connection between these two is electric! Normally it takes the first part of a session to help people feel comfortable, praise and direct them into confidence photographically. But Mia and Eric came into the engagement session willing to wear their hearts on their sleeves and from the moment I lifted my camera they were all-in.

Mia and Eric’s actual wedding plan was foiled due to reasons beyond their control. They had setback after setback and eventually had to move out of state. This engagement session was thrown together last-minute and we photographed the very day that they were going to hop on a plane to leave. It was terrible weather and we lost the mountain views so we switched gears and ended up at a beautiful river in Palmer, Alaska.

It struck me when editing how resilient these two are together. Life is hard. Health is precious. Change is inevitable and the grief that goes with it. But having someone who loves you, who is in your corner and can laugh with you through the season of disappointment and hardship: that is where the rubber meets the road. These two have that stick-like-glue thing going on. And it’s freaking beautiful.

They ended up having a courthouse wedding out-of-state but will be back this summer for a vow renewal that we CAN’T WAIT to photograph.

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