The first thing we noticed was, of course, the green dress. And good freakin grief, it did not disappoint! We have nothing against traditional white dresses, love those too. But there is something extra special about bold and fearless brides. It’s the personality, the confidence that wears it so well. Crystal was completely captivating. No other word for it.

These two came all the way to Alaska to get married on a blazing summer beach. And it WAS blazing. This elopement is the epitome of harsh light that can be so difficult to photograph with squinting, deep, dark shadows and unforgiving contrast. But we have been doing this a really long time and know a thing or two about dancing around the height of summer sun. The photos turned out exactly how the day felt: bold, colorful, full of emotion and magic.

We photographed in several locations that were all special and unique. As with most elopements, it was simple, fun, stress-free and all about the love story. We ended the day by taking the tram up to the top of Alyeska Ski Resort to get mountain top photos, the perfect conclusion to a pretty spectacular day.

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