It was a cold, dark December night. The wind rattled my windows. Snow drifted outside my door. I had just made hot tea, climbed into bed and powered up my laptop when, DING! Up popped Laura’s email. Would we possibly be willing to ditch February in Alaska and travel to Texas for an adventure elopement in just a little over a month? I probably responded with something professional, but my inner dialog was more along the lines of “YEEHAW, heck yeah!”

Several weeks later we traded the parkas for summer clothes and found ourselves in Big Bend National Park with cameras in hand, and smiles that just wouldn’t stop. It was our first time in the area (Definitely won’t be the last!) and we couldn’t get enough of all the critters, cacti, and the Rio Grande. It felt like we were in an actual John Wayne movie and we kept resisting the urge to say nerdy things like “Whoa, take ‘er easy there, Pilgrim” all day long. Pretty dresses, cowboy hats, lizards and jackrabbits and desert deer. Gah! Our inner country girl was all heart-eyes.

We don’t know how we attract the coolest clients time and time again, but we just do! Laura and Travis are adventurers, lovers and clearly the best of friends. They live in Dallas but Big Bend holds their hearts, so it seemed fitting for them to get married under the bright desert sun of west Texas. It was the stuff of dreams, ya’ll! The entire day was spent photographing the look of their love and by the time the sun set, my heart was just about bursting. What an honor to share such incredible moments with incredible people. Life can be so hard and comes with certain rough terrain. But love. Gosh, love is the desert rose. The spring in our hearts. It’s what carries us through.

Laura and Travis, thank you for sharing your hearts and lives with us. Your love is unforgettably beautiful.

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We are artists.  Free spirited Alaskans. World travelers. Camera Junkies. Best Friends.  Adventurers. Sisters.  And most of all, we are the tellers of adventurous stories of love.  We can't wait to meet with you, to photograph the look of your love, to paint in pictures, to celebrate. 

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