Ashley and Richie promised their love to one another surrounded by closest friends and seas of sand. Ashley walked the desert aisle on a CAMEL and they vowed to love and live and fight for each other. The celebration under a night sky of Sahara stars was nothing short of magical.

We have been dreaming of this trip for months and months. We knew we would get incredible photos, but what we didn’t count on was how many new friends we would make, how much laughter we would have, how absolutely thrilling it would be. One of the raddest experiences with the kindest people EVER.

We are grateful for this incredible job that allows us to be part of such intimate and inspirational moments in peoples lives, and the captures, beautiful memories and doors opened wide. Believe it or not, this giant blog post showcases just a few of the photos we got, not just of the wedding, but of the experience as a whole. What an absolute adventure! Here are just some of our favorite memories from the trip. We know it’s an overshare with too many photos, but ya know…MOROCCO.

Special thanks to for hosting such an amazing time.

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