The Language Of Detail

There is no magic in magic. It’s all in the details. – Walt Disney

There are a lot of expected shots when it comes to wedding photography: the family shots, couples photos, first look, first dance, first everything. The star-studded photos always dazzle, and while those things are awesome and needed, there is a different narrative, one that is quiet, and unassuming but speaks a loud language of love: the detail.

Details are the backbone of story telling. They force you to reduce the big picture and reduce again until you are left with only the words being penned by the artist. Look here, look at the color, look at the long bat of lashes. See the beads on lace, the tear falling down a cheek. Stop the busyness. Pause here. Stay awhile.

Here are some quiet moments, that might have been otherwise forgotten, had we not taken that deep breath in and paused to look for the detail.

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