Weddings come in all sizes and shapes. We specialize in adventure elopements so we don’t get the chance to photograph a big shindig for every event. But for the clients who choose a more traditional route: we are still there for it.

Our favorite part of the traditional wedding? The reception. And no, it’s not because we are party animals or like cake. (But that too) And it’s definitely not for the perfect photos either – receptions are notoriously poorly lit, chaotic, uncontrollable, messy. Trying to direct photos when everyone is several drinks in is basically herding cats. Guaranteed the photos won’t be perfect. BUT they will be chalk full of all kinds of emotion. And maybe that is why we love the party. Because deep down we are emotional little gangsters and those kind of photos give us life.

We love us some epic scenery. We are really good at those. We love directing and leading and posing and perfecting. We love, love. We love the art of it all. But sometimes it’s nice to let the story lead us, instead of the other way around. We want to let down our hair, dance with you, ugly cry with you, laugh until we get side stitches. When it comes to receptions our mantra is “Moments Over Mountains.” And we are never going to find a more authentic photo than the kid grinning with blue stained teeth from cake frosting or Uncle Bob cutting a rug. The dancing, the laughter, the tears – it’s all spontaneous, without performance. It’s the guts of the wedding, the stripped down, messy, emotional truth of the celebration.

Perfect reception photos? Heck no. Better yet – they’re priceless.

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